for Quality Vials at Sensible Prices

The Vial Hut is a shop for glass vials, stoppers and crimp seals, and occasionally crimp tools. We ship small or large quantities worldwide. We are a tiny company, able to give personal service, dedicated to sending fine goods to the people who need them.

We don't try to carry everything. The variety of vials and vial closures is enormous. What we specialize in is what we can get at a reasonable price, plus a few added extras for completeness.

Excellent quality. Most of the vials we carry were made for the pharmaceutical and laboratory trades, so they are top quality and rather expensive if purchased at full list price. These are not the sloppy goods often found in the crafts trade.

Most of our vials are serum vials, the kind meant to hold vaccines. They have a rimmed neck, accept a rubber septum (stopper), and are closed with an aluminum seal (cap) that is crimped around the neck of the vial. The crimp seal squeezes the septum onto the vial to form an airtight seal.

Tell us what you need. While most of what we have on hand is in this online catalog, we encourage you to ask us if there is something you want that's similar to what we carry. For example, if you need a different type of crimp seal, we might be able to source it in about 10 days time. Or if there is a particular size of vial that you need, let me know, because I might be able to locate it.

If you need a regular supply of an item, ask if we can supply it.