About GoldMoney Payments

You can pay us online with GoldMoney, paying in gold or silver metal you have on deposit with GoldMoney.

GoldMoney is a secure and flexible way of buying, selling and holding precious metals. They are a well established financial institution in the Channel Islands. They hold your metal (gold, silver, platinum and palladium) in vaults in Zurich, Hong Kong or London. Fees to buy and store metals are low and there is no fee to sell.

What makes GoldMoney unique is that you can use your account to send online payments to other account holders.

GoldMoney payments operate independently of the global banking system. During a bank holiday, this may be one of the few purchasing methods remaining functional.

The GoldMoney web site includes a research section with articles about precious metals and international news and trends. I particularly like the videos of interviews and discussions between James Turk and his guests.

Note: If you follow our link to GoldMoney and open an account with them, we may receive a portion of the fee GoldMoney collects when they sell you metal.

GoldMoney. The best way to buy gold & silver