Shipping: Fast and Fair

We want to make your total delivered cost as low as possible, and that means getting the best value for postage.

  • We make the packaging as light weight as practical while protecting the contents.
  • First Class mail is fast and cheap for small packets.
  • Sometimes Flat Rate Priority mail is a great bargain for dense (small and heavy) products like glass vials and rubber stoppers.
  • And we charge you for shipping what it costs us.

Most days we take packages to the Post Office in the late afternoon. That's in time for day's final sweep into regional mail sorting facility. There they work through the evening and night to get the mail onto trucks and planes, and out of the county. Our outgoing mail service is outstanding.

Packing a tray of glass vials requires some care, and you should expect us to take an extra day to see that it is done properly.

Here are our typical shipping methods for these packets:

A small number of vials or rubber stoppers can be sent by First Class mail. Seals are also light weight and are suitable for First Class mail. This is most economical choice and it provides good delivery speed.

For a quanity of loose vials or stoppers too heavy for First Class, we try to use Flat Rate USPS Priority Mail costing $4.05 or $8.10. This is economical option and quite speedy.

Trays of vials are the wrong dimensions for Flat Rate Priority Mail. We prefer to ship these by FedEx Ground, although we will gladly send them by Priority Mail too.

If you prefer other shipping methods, we will try to accommodate you.

Insurance for small value parcels is not, we feel, a particularly good bargain. It may be sensible for larger parcels. We offer Postal insurance at cost in case it suits your needs.